There are many places where the name of Jesus has not been heard; neither is God known as Creator. Some people have never heard; others have heard but refuse to believe. East Asia is such an area, and we came here to share the incredible gift of salvation with whomever would believe and receive.

Over the years, we have used a variety of tools to approach sharing this Good News —English, meals, cooking, and camps are just a few. People everywhere are hungry for relationships and in need of God.

Today, we live in a modern country of East Asia, but the temples and idols are as numerous as the people. It is difficult for people to break away from traditions and turn to God. They are afraid to give up what they know for the unknown, so their faith journey is often a slow process. They seldom ask, “Is the idol I hold in my hand a lie?” (Isaiah 44:20)

Solomon’s* father was a fisherman, so the family prayed to the god of the sea for protection. Solomon could not believe that this god was evil, but, step by step, he began to understand the Truth. The decision to be baptized was difficult, as it would mean turning his back on his family’s values, but today Solomon is an active member of a church and enjoys serving.

This is why we came; this is why we stay. Seeing lives changed never gets old, and the joy of bringing the Good News to people needing new life far outweighs any “inconvenience” we may face.

We are
Phillip and Sandra Star*, serving with the
International Mission Board
in East Asia, and we are the CP.