In 2015, our family answered God’s call to international missions and moved from Arizona to Senegal. After 14 months in Senegal, we moved to France to continue sharing our lives and the gospel with West Africans.

Each move required a massive change of habits as we adapted to each new culture. When we arrived in Senegal, we had to learn French and Wolof, difficult tasks by themselves. We also had to learn the cultural rules — we had to learn not to shake hands or offer anything with the left hand, proper etiquette for eating from the community bowl of rice, and the “rules” of the road.

In France, we are learning that hugs are actually far more intimate than kisses (something we still don’t understand), that we don’t eat before everyone is served, and that everything is exceedingly more difficult when you don’t fully understand the language.

Some say that we made a huge sacrifice in moving to serve overseas. Yes, we have lost a few things; but we have received infinitely more than we’ve lost. We are reminded of the joy and privilege of serving overseas each time we have the opportunity to share Bible stories, testimonies and the gospel with the Wolof and other West Africans living in France.

We have received the greatest gift imaginable — the grace of God in Christ — and our singular passion is to make that glory known to others. Jesus is better than anything we had to give up. And that is why we go to share his name with those who have never heard.

We are the West family, serving with the IMB in France, and we are the CP.

Because you and your church give, You are the CP.