In a Muslim country with seemingly as many mountains as people, there are many villages hidden away with little access to clean water, basic health care, and Truth.

Nagina*, her husband Jamshed*, and their four children are thirsty. They live in “Three Rivers Village,” which, despite what its name suggests, has no reliable water supply. People collect rain water from roofs or resort to spending their limited income on tanker trucks to bring in water for themselves and their livestock. Villagers make their livelihood as shepherds and farmers, so water is essential.

Molly Petry* and a team of International Mission Board workers, as well as national believers, will bring water to Three Rivers Village this year. While Jamshed and the men will help lay pipe to connect their village to an existing water supply, Nagina and the women will learn about water, sanitation, and nutrition.

Nagina and her neighbors know they need water to quench their physical thirst. In the process of getting that, they will learn of the One who gives living water.

Molly and her team will have the opportunity to sit, eating many meals of rice pilav and many more cups of tea, and share the Good News of God’s great love. Molly’s prayer is that just as the people of Three Rivers Village are eager to receive physical water, they will be even more eager to receive Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

Molly Petry is the CP.

Because you and your church give, You are the CP.

*Name changed for security