The Cooperative Program helps our family serve unreached Southeast Asian peoples. What is the difference between the unreached and the lost?

America has churches, radio stations, book stores, Christian friends, etc. making the gospel easily attainable. People who have access to the gospel but choose not to follow the Truth are considered lost.

For unreached peoples, the gospel is either unavailable or inaccessible. These people simply have never heard! We live among such as these.

We have served in our current city since we left Arizona in December 2015. We want our home to be a light in the spiritual darkness. We have had unbelievers in our home for dinner, English lessons and Bible study.

Every Tuesday, a small group of believing women come to our home. For two hours, Beth* has the opportunity to encourage and train these women on how to study the Bible for themselves. The goal is for the women to be able to confidently study Scripture on their own and eventually lead others in the same way.

We also want our family to share the Truth together, so one thing we do is a “back yard Bible club” of sorts. Every Wednesday night, we go to a migrant workers’ camp. We walk through the village, inviting people to join us for games, Bible stories, and crafts. Every week, we also pray with people for their needs. There are absolutely no believers at this camp, but Andrew* has had numerous opportunities to share the gospel with many of the people.

Arizona churches help make possible these evangelistic efforts. You help us to live among unreached people to declare God’s glory among the nations.

Andrew and Beth Hipps are the CP.

Because you and your church give, You are the CP.