Trey Van Camp has felt God’s call and the touch of His power in his ministry as a young church planter.

Trey and his wife, Jordan, are planting Heart Cry Gathering, a new church in Queen Creek.

They have seen many signs that God is blessing their efforts.

“At 10 months into planting this church, we’ve seen God’s hand all over [what we are doing],” says Trey. “We’ve seen God bring families back together. We’ve seen people leave the bondage both of addictions and of other religions.”

The church baptized 22 people in the first 10 months of ministry.

“One time we baptized a millionaire and a homeless person on the same day!” Trey says.

Trey is confident that God has called him and is blessing. He also knows he is not alone in what he is doing: “I have the support of an entire network of churches to press on with what God has called me to do.”

This church planter says he is “a fourth-generation pastor” and has “always known the importance of the Cooperative Program.”

“I grew up watching my grandfather [Nathan Pillow] visit churches all around Arizona as the Evangelism Director of the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention, and I was always encouraged to hear how God is moving all over the state,” says Trey.

The power of a network of churches working together was vividly illustrated for Trey. “We experienced the supportive strength of our network when the church my father, Billy Van Camp, leads was all over the news. Their roof had collapsed in October 2016. I can’t tell you how many pastors called and encouraged us,” remembers Trey.

“We are truly better together,” he says. Trey and Jordan Van Camp

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