My name is Robin Talley*. In my island city in Southeast Asia, there are many economically disadvantaged families. They live with no margin for crisis. Most of these families are Muslim and know Jesus as one among many prophets.

Over the past year, I’ve trained a leadership team made up of Baptist women, including Amanda Putih*, to provide financial, character, and business education to help other women improve their standard of living. The gospel is repeatedly shared during these trainings, because only Christ can meet their greatest need. Some of the participants may also receive a micro-loan to start or improve a small business.

At this point, everyone who has received training is from the Baptist churches in our community, but the vision is to expand beyond the walls of the church. The first micro-loan helped the widow of a Baptist pastor to expand a catering/restaurant business out of her home, so she can provide for her two boys. She is part of the leadership team that is reaching out to help other women. This ministry is possible in part because of the Cooperative Program and Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

There are five unreached people groups in our province. This means that, among these ethnic groups, less than 2 percent of them have a saving faith relationship with Jesus. My family and I left the United States and our extended family to reach these peoples with the gospel, but we can’t do it alone.