Layout 1It wasn’t much of a road, if at all. It looked more like an overgrown footpath.

As he drove through the weeds, IMB Missionary John Dina asked the Mozambican pastor, “Who was the last person who came out here?”

“No one comes out here but you,” Pastor Dino said. “You are the only one who cares about us.”

When John and Wanne Dina first arrived in Mozambique in 1993 as IMB missionaries, there weren’t very many pastors or churches in the war-torn country. Pastor Dino was one of the first. Now, hundreds are working together with IMB missionaries to reach a country with 42 different language groups.

It took John five years to cover completely a basic discipleship manual that he personally wrote with pastors in the Zambezia province of Mozambique. He realized the only way to make a lasting impact among people coming from a completely different worldview was to build understanding of the gospel from the ground up.

Pastors and missionaries alike are now using Understanding Your Faith in churches and villages all over this country on the southeastern coast of the Indian Ocean. The effort is being multiplied many times over as new leaders are developed and new churches are planted. Those national leaders are committed to reaching their country — including the 21 unreached people groups in Mozambique — with the gospel.

Your gifts through the Cooperative Program have made it possible for John and Wanne to invest more than 20 years of their lives creating a powerful force for God’s kingdom that will last for generations to come.

John and Wanne Dina are the CP.

Because you and your church give, You are the CP.