Layout 1What does church look like for a postmodern generation living in downtown Phoenix? For church planters Jim and Colleen Helman and DTPHX Church, it’s spending time in coffee shops, Bible study alongside patrons who can overhear, worship in public places, baptism where neighbors watch.

As a voice for baby boomers, Jim and Colleen are flexible, seasoned from their own experiences, empty-nesters, and not thinking first about finances as they buy someone lunch or coffee. As church planters, because of support through the Cooperative Program, they can cultivate relationships, living church as a verb in front of java patrons and in front of residents of their own condo community.

Recently, Jim talked with Eli, a fireman and father of two, exploring the missing spiritual element in his life. Now they meet every week for discipleship at a table 10 feet from the espresso machine — the same table where Jim led Eli to pray accepting Christ as his Savior.

Eli and his wife, Kristin, witnessed their new life in Christ by being baptized in the pool at Jim and Colleen’s condo. Sixty knowing faces applauded and a half dozen residents of the condo community watched in curiosity. As Jim baptized Eli, Colleen baptized Kristin. It was an illustration of a renewed marriage to each other and a declaration of their commitment to a new life in Christ. This is what church looks like.

Jim and Colleen Helman are the CP.

Because you and your church give, You are the CP.