Layout 1Valarie* is a university exchange student from a neighboring country. Raised in a Buddhist home, Val began attending our church due to the kindness of the people there.

One evening, our family invited some college students over for Mexican food, and Val joined
the group. She had never seen a tortilla, so we taught her how to build her own burrito. She went back for seconds, and maybe even thirds. She enjoyed practicing her English by talking to our daughters.

While in our home, Val asked us many questions about what it means to be a follower of Jesus: Is there going to be enough room in heaven? Have you ever seen an evil spirit? If I become a Christian and go to heaven, will I see my Buddhist grandfather? She talked about how her family regularly goes to the temple to offer incense and worship, hoping for favor from the idols and spirits.

We answered Val’s questions and explained that through Jesus she could have eternal life. Shortly after, Val confessed her faith in Jesus Christ. She was baptized on Easter Sunday. She will soon return to her home country as our new sister in Christ.

Our family is overjoyed to have been a part of Val’s spiritual journey. We are praying that she will find a local body of believers in her country and become deeply rooted in her faith.

We are the Burks family serving with the IMB in East Asia and we are the CP.

*Name changed for security