Jeremiah Semmler, an Arizona native planting a church near where he grew up, launched CityView Church with a wide reach on Sept. 13, 2015. The church meets at an AMC movie theater in north Phoenix. CityView Church greeters reach out and invite the moviegoers to worship. Many have accepted that invite and soon found a relationship with Jesus.

“Every Sunday in the theater, more than likely there is somebody who does not know Jesus,” Jeremiah says. “We do not ever plan to leave the theater.”

Jeremiah is a seasoned leader with real influence who understands millennials and how to speak their language. The largest sector of the growing church is made of 25- to 35-year-olds.

“We believe that people can belong before they believe,” Jeremiah says. People are warmly welcomed in the CityView worshiping community in the hope that they will begin the journey to faith.

“We accept people before they have even begun a faith journey,” Jeremiah says. “We are ok with moving slow.”

The mission of CityView is “We help people belong in community, believe in Jesus, and become who Jesus has called them to be.”

Pastor Semmler has built a strong team and is intentional about raising up new leaders.

CityView Church is making a big impact in their community. They conduct a major Black Friday outreach, sharing gift bags with retail employees who have to work during the holidays. They provide much support for nearby Park Meadows Elementary School.

The church also serves in first responders’ care for the local police, foster care ministry, and even has a women’s ministry to local strippers.

But, Jeremiah says, “one of the coolest things is to see people on their way to the movies end up at church and give their lives to Christ.”

Jeremiah Semmler is the CP.