God transformed my life through a youth camp after finishing high school. I grew up largely outside of the church, so I had no idea how to follow Jesus. I had been trying to “follow the rules” to reach God, but He invited me instead to learn how to love Him.

Every semester of college, God chipped away at my idea for what my life might look like. He showed me the power of His transforming gospel, the incredible nature of His character and His love through Jesus, and the beauty of the local church. I discovered what it meant to be loved by God, and eventually, graciously, He called me to serve in life-changing collegiate ministry as staff with Christian Challenge.

Because you give through the Cooperative Program, I was reached as a new believer in community college and people intentionally invested in me during my time at university. Through Christian Challenge, I was taught how to read Scripture, how to pray, and how to share Jesus in my community.

I have the privilege to serve junior high and high school students at Zona Camp every summer, and I have the honor to reach young collegiate women at Arizona State University in Downtown Phoenix through Christian Challenge.

I am sent to equipping conferences through the generous giving of others, and I can afford to take classes at Gateway Seminary because of scholarships and low tuition rates. Both of these allow me to learn how to better minister to our students through Christian Challenge.

Because you give to the CP, I have learned to love and share Jesus, and now I get to walk alongside others as they learn to love Jesus too.

I am Margarete Nasir, and I am the CP.