Layout 1Jane* visited New Life Pregnancy Center for a free pregnancy test, which was negative. While there, she told the director about her past difficulties. She had been in an abusive relationship, causing her to place a child for adoption and abort another in fear for their safety. The relationship continued until she was in the hospital near death. She prayed, “God, if you let me live, I will change my life.”

After hearing Jane’s story, the director told her about God’s forgiveness and the hope He gives for a new life. Jane asked questions, allowing the director to lead her through God’s plan of salvation. She was eager to trust Christ and called her son from the lobby so he could be with her as she prayed.

New Life Pregnancy Centers is one of seven ministries of Arizona Baptist Children’s Services & Family Ministries (ABCS). Cooperative Program funds help ABCS provide free services for clients who have a variety of needs.

Evangelism is the thread that ties the ministries of ABCS together. No matter the reason for a visit, ABCS hopes that, like Jane, each client will leave with the hope of Christ.

Your gifts through the Cooperative Program help meet the physical and emotional needs of individuals and families in Arizona, but there is more. Because you give, clients like Jane who come to ABCS are exposed to the love of God and the message of the gospel. When you give, you join ABCS in their mission to provide hope and care to hurting children and families through Christ-centered ministries.

*name changed for privacy, representative photo

Jane is the CP.
Because you and your church give, You are the CP.