Life has taken Michelle Trujillo all across the country, having lived in a number of states before settling in Arizona in 1997.
Having attended Southern Baptist churches everywhere she has lived, Michelle has seen the Cooperative Program at work, and benefited from the many programs and trainings it supports.

“I’ve had the privilege of attending many associational and state convention conferences, trainings, camps, and other events which were supported by CP,” Michelle says. “These events had a life-changing impact on me as I have continued to nourish my love for missions and desire to educate children about missions and the Great Commission.”

Now a school psychologist by trade, Michelle serves voluntarily as the children’s ministry leader at Heart of Mesa church.

However, she has not always been as plugged in to church as she is now. She admits during college, “I didn’t attend church regularly and didn’t give at all; there was always a tug on my heart … telling me that I needed to be part of a church, giving of my time, talents, tithes and offerings. Upon graduation and obtaining a job, I found a church home and felt relieved that I was once again part of a CP-giving church.”

Michelle insists, “God doesn’t need our money, or even us, to accomplish His work, but He wants to use us to fulfill His purpose in reaching a lost world for Him. When our church gives to the CP, we become part of a greater giving body, which allows us to send others at home and abroad to share the Good News. I know of no other denomination that works this way and I’m proud to be a part!”

Michelle Trujillo is the CP.