In 1996, my family moved to our state for the purpose of planting a church that would reach north Glendale, Arizona and the nations. Mountain Ridge Church was resourced through the generosity of three local churches — First Baptist, Sun City; Hillside Baptist, Phoenix; and First Southern Baptist of Glendale — and the faithfulness of your church in giving to the Cooperative Program.

Because of gifts through the Cooperative Program, Mountain Ridge was able to grow, thrive and reproduce by helping plant 21 other churches in Arizona.

Mountain Ridge has seen more than 1,000 people baptized. This happened in no small part due to the faithfulness of churches all over Arizona and the United States, together giving their resources so that churches like Mountain Ridge can be started.

Now, my role has changed. Now, I am the Send City missionary for your North

American Mission Board, charged with the task of helping mobilize mature churches to reproduce themselves by starting other churches in Phoenix and Tucson.

Our state is growing at an amazing rate, and we currently have one Southern

Baptist church for every 19,000 people. With a net growth of 222 people per day moving here, we need one new church per day to keep up with the growth.

This task of starting reproducing churches is happening all over our state because all of us together — WE — are sacrificially giving through the Cooperative Program. Together we can make a difference!

I am Monty Patton, and I am the CP.