Layout 1He travels an average of 100 miles a day. That’s 3,000 miles a month and 36,000 miles every year. Over the last 22 years, he has traveled enough miles to wear through multiple cars and to invest heavily in the tire business.

Meet Tommy Thomas. He is our church planting catalyst across the entire northern span of Arizona. Where there are towns that have no faith community and no church testimony, Tommy puts it in gear to start one.

Ever heard of Beaver Dam, Arizona? One has to drive through Las Vegas to get there. The Lord uses Tommy to specialize in places like this and more — Big River, Bouse, Meadview, and Cedar Hills to name a few.

Where there is an opportunity to transform lives and connect with souls, Tommy is making inroads where there are only off roads.

Specifically, Tommy works with churches in five associations developing strategy and vision. Working together, through earnest prayer, the Lord uses Tommy to draw together a core and deploy them into a new, life-giving church.

According to Tommy, the most fulfilling part of his work is this:

“…the opportunity to birth something new and to see God at work in unique ways … and to look back and know that you’re a part of it.”

Uniqueness is at the heart of God’s work through Tommy Thomas. The artistry of God has been on display through this palette of planting:

• Cowboy churches
• Navajo and Hispanic churches • Churches in prison
• Camper ministry

• Biker churches
• Apartment churches • Chapel for truckers • Resort ministry
• and more

The spiritual landscape in northern Arizona is continuing to change because of this strong leadership supported by the Cooperative Program.

Tommy Thomas is making a difference.

Tommy and Laura Thomas are the CP.